01 April 2008

New Hairstyle, New Layout- a New Beginning

Its Official, I had to change my blog layout because the old one just simply doesn't work anymore! Argh...

No idea why it has became like that, but I hope you guys would like my new layout as well!

On another note, there you go, a pic of my new hairstyle!

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got bored of my long and curly hair. I love my new hairstyle! Still in the midst of learning how to style it this way! Ya, this one was styled by the hairstylist.

Let me have your comments k?


Anonymous said...

you're cute

Simon Seow said...

Nice layout. I feels like I'm in Africa.

sheryl0202 said...

Thanks Anoynmous!

Simon: Glad that someone like to layout. Its much more simple than my previous one.