01 April 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Episode 7&8- It's all about Ms.C and the White Summer!

Episode 7: This whole episode is about CINDY. The girls have spoken! It seems like all of them dislike Cindy except Adeline.

The most funny part of Episode 7 is this:
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when Cindy's father asking her, "Do you need to cry to that extent?"

She answered this!
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WAHAHA...such a classic answer! From her answer, actually I can tell that she is a very straightforward person. Too straightforward in fact, doesn't she know that the telephone conversation would be recorded?!

I kind of pity her actually. Imagine the whole house full of your enemies, how to survive?
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There she said it! Still one more month to go I believe...Good Luck to you Ms.C !

After all the bitching etc, come Elimination round. Valerie is OUT! Sad to say I do not have much feelings for her. She is quite ordinary to me as well, just like Natasha. Doesn't leave me any impression although I know that she is bubbly and friendly.

Episode 8

If this is an advertisement for a perfume called "White Summer", I would have bought the perfume if Nadia is the model!

This is my favourite photo out of the eight girls!
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I am very impressed with Nadia. From a "garang" girl to this soft, sweet looking girl. Who would have thought? Great improvement from Nadia. Way to go girl!

I like this photo too!
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Fiqa, on the other hand, its just being herself. I am sure many audience would also like this photo of hers. She looks like she was really having fun!

Third favourite picture of mine.
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The quiet Eyna managed to capture my attention with this photo of hers. Also very natural looking and with her sweet smile, this is a not bad photo for her although I am not sure if I like third photo from the right.

Worst photo of all ?
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Ms.C! Gosh, check out the first photo from the right. Can't see her eyes and her arm looks big here which shouldn't be the case as she is very slim girl. Second photo from the right, her face looks big as well. I think it's all about angle. Worst photo from the bunch. Em..why do I have this feeling that she is going to be on her way out from the show?

Let's see if my prediction is right then.


Death Note said...

I think one of the reasons that Cindy was shown always dishing out comments about others is this problem you said la... being too straightforward -- which is unfortunate... cause that's one quality I like.

See, in the beginning of the show, the ones always giving comments about others are Cindy, Jean, and Allison...
but the other two have tact and know how to arrange words in not such a negative way...

The others... it's probably not that they don't complain about each other... it's probably they don't talk much, can't talk much, and the editors have no way to edit the show interestingly...
Eyna, Nadia, Valerie, Adeline... most of them don't seem like talking people. Ringo probably whored her blog too much that she got edited out as advertisement hahaha

But my highlight of the episode was the part where Fiqah commented about Adeline

"she's the type of person who can tak things as is... she's always aiyer why la why la aiyer..."

hahaha... i agree...

sheryl0202 said...


I am a straightforward person too so I can understand how Cindy just have to spur ething out. Yeah, you are probably right about all other girls being too Uninteresting for the editor and hence no drama! Afterall, we love drama don't we?

Fiqa bitched about Cindy but still I don't think people would hate her. She is just a kid.

Anonymous said...

well, pls stop criticizing other's flaws. i dont see that you are prettier than any of them though.

sheryl0202 said...

Dear Anonymous,

You might be a friend of Ms. C? Whatever it is, if they take part in this contest, they should be ready to take on public's comments, just like any other Celebrity. The fact that whether I am prettier than them is irrelevant altogether!