24 June 2008

Are there really nice Food in Singapore?!

the answer is YES!

Today I went to food republic at Wisma Atria. My colleague recommended me the Thye Hong prawn noodles!


Well, how to spot this stall?
the one with the longest Q and the most people of course!

DANG DANG! This is their version of Prawn noodles! Very different rite!

The noodles were real smooth, and best part is the SAMBAL! The sambal tasted really good! This is definitely worth recommending to you guys! I think guy should order a medium one at least because the small one wasn't quite enough. It is alright for me though.

L $8 M$6 S$4

The other day we also went to this mamak place. Yeah there is mamak in Singapore as well! But I do not think that I will recommend this to you guys!

GOSH, the so called TULANG!

How do you eat it? You are supposed to do as the picture below:
You are supposed to suck the bone marrow out!!!

YUCKS! I was really disgusted by the tulang actually...

Anyway, if you guys wanna give it a try, find this place

It's at Beach Road I think. If you really want to go, drop me a message at the chat box and I will get the address from my friends.

Well, I would say go for the prawn noodles!!!

Its YUMMY!DROOLs.......


Simon Seow said...

Oh, hokkien mee. Didn't really know where to find good one when I was there. Thanks for recommendation. Yes. I want the Soup Tulang.

leesh said...

I miss prawn mee! In fact, it is called hokkien prawn mee over in Singapore. Don't think you can get it over here in Malaysia right?

I used to eat prawn mee so often in my school canteen in S'pore.

Wei-sheng said...

They expensive, but the black peppered sri lankan crabs at the long beach restaurent in the east coast (i think it's the east coast) are to die for.

Lena T said...

Looks like you're a frequent traveller. Thanks for sharing your photos here.

thesaint said...

hihi, i tasted msia de prawn noodles, very different too. anyway, singapore still have many other nice food. u shld try them soon :D

| bfntt | said...

hi there.
your post on innit got my attention ;)

i totally dig Singapore's version of prawn mee. had a first taste @ Suntec City Food court last year. The next time i head to Singapore, am gonna get a plate again!




sheryl0202 said...

Simon: Its not sup tulang ler, its literally tulang itself!

leesh: It tasted good!hehe..

Wei-sheng:I must try it when I have the money haha!Thanks!

lena-t: you are welcome! Hope you enjoy those photos!

thesaint:Yes Yes I will! Recommend me some pls!

bfntt: I will visit your blog too! Wanna see what's my next target!