10 July 2008

Crazy Party at Butter Factory!

Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates lately!!!

I know I still have my cambodia trips to blog about and I have sampled many foods in Singapore already!

I need to get my arse moving!Just that work is getting busy so I shall try my best to update as frequent as possible okay? DON'T ABANDON ME SOB SOB

Anyway, last weekend was my firm's Champion Party at Butter Factory!

Why is it called the Champion's Party? That's because my firm won a few awards from one of the law websites therefore it requires a party of celebration!!!

The interior is so COOL!

On top of the ceiling.

Da place is just like a big playground!!!

Love these paintings on the wall!

a box that cries?so COOL!

Food for everyone!

Saw Hooi and I

half body shot

After 10pm, the club was open to the public! Soon enough, the dance floor is packed with people!

I was having fun too! My eyes look weird I know!

Some cool picture on their website!

It was a fun night out and I am glad that Singapore banned smoking in the club! I don't smell when I went home the other night, em.. when will Malaysia do that?

Let's See!!!

Enjoy Sunday people!


Simon Seow said...

Well, there's one club in Malaysia that doesn't allow smoking inside. Euphoria by Ministry of Sound.

Daryl Teo said...

Yeah they should really consider banning smoking in clubs. One reason i don't go clubbing unless i can't avoid it. Btw u look good Sheryl.

sheryl0202 said...

Simon: I haven't been there yet!

Daryl: I know, they should consider to ban smoking in clubs, so unhealthy to inhale second hand smoke. Thanks Daryl, I gained weight already :(

Daryl Teo said...

Haha. Nvm Sheryl then u can go for the rich boss' wife look. LOL!

Your big sis said...

That's not a box that's crying, it's a tofu!!! some cartoon character from Japan...