06 July 2008

So you think you can dance- Top 16 Favourite Routine!

It's just getting better and better!!!

also more sexy and hotness through the latin dance routine!

Bravo also to the Wardrobe as I adore those dresses on the contestant!

WATCH!There are four routines that I absolutely LOVE!

Samba by Katie and Joshua - Check out the dress on Katie!

Ramba by Courtney & Gev- Check out the dress again!

Hip Hop by chelsie and Mark

Hip Hop by Twitch and Kherrington


DAMN I really feel like going to dance classes nowadays! Too amazed by their dances!

Oh btw, weekend was GREAT and I was busy meeting friends and EATING!

GOSH..I better eat less the coming days...

But it's worth it!

I had fun, how about you guys?

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