03 July 2008

FoOd for the SouL

I must introduce you guys to one of my favourite place to have lunch in Singapore.


Mind you guys, it's healthy food ok!

during lunch time, you always have to Q

Decent Menu with variety of soup, wraps and sandwiches

Tokyo chicken stew soup is the BEST! So much ingredients inside!

chicken ceasar sandwich which comes with a small portion of salad

One soup, sandwich and ice lemon tea/apple/chips, only around $10!

How often does one in Malaysia have such healthy food? It's always expensive to have healthy food in Malaysia I think. I remembered Super Sandwiches sell their sandwich for around RM15 or slightly less and that's not including drinks at all. Therefore, I am happy that I get to have healthy food without burning a hole in my wallet everyday!

Meatless Minestrone with Gremolata

My friend's fish wrap

All the ingredients are very fresh and good!

It's the ultimate food which is GOOD FOR THE SOUL!

Try it if you happen to pass by one!


Simon Seow said...

Ok, I'll try to pay RM 80 and take Aeroline then take the MRT to pass by here.

sheryl0202 said...

Simon: there are a few outlets in Singapore. Do check out their website!