18 July 2008

To all the Pork Lovers!

Today I shall continue sharing with you guys food I had in Singapore for the past two weeks!

First up, Cafe Cartel

stumbled on this restaurant when we went to Plaza Singapura for movie one day, decided to return again to try their pork ribs.. YUM YUM

We went there SPECIALLY for THIS!

the REAL thing!!! I TELL YOU, its damn good!!!

IT's better than Tony Romas
, and guess what?! It gets better because it is only $12.90!!!Apparently, it's the 25th anniversary or something!The meat is so tender, juicy and well marinated! They barbaque it to the perfect condition and there you go!Such a big PORTION!

You can top up $3.90 and you will get free flow of bread, soup of the day and peach tea/lemon tea/soft drinks!

We also have this spaghetti, its rated MUST HAVE in the menu so we also gave it a try! It was not bad lah but not as good as the pork ribs! Not too much chicken inside although the spaghetti smells good!

Interior of the restaurant

But i gotta warn you guys, there is always long Q! need to wait for min 10 mins but am sure after you tasted their pork rib, its so worth it!

Must try if you guys are over here!!!

camwhore picture for you guys before I sign off


HAve a nice weekend people!!!


Simon Seow said...

What!? Better than Tony Romas? Show me the way.

Anonymous said...

hey!saw u at one of the shopping mall in singapore yesterday!! U were with ur bf and u were wearing that blue dress! correct!??? :)
hahaha.. what a coincident :) and i was in singapore to attend a fren's wedding actually.

remember me?

Michael said...

WAH! must give this a try when I come Singapore.

trulyme said...

sheryl....mampus la mike see this sure wanan go eat when we comes down..he loves he pork!

pikey said...

Too bad that franchise isn't available in Malaysia...

sheryl0202 said...

Simon: Come look for me in Singapore! I will go with you haha!

anonymous: Erm.. which day and which dress are you referring to?

Michael and trulyme: Come, we can all go together!

pikey: Malaysia and Singapore is not that far you know?hehe..