25 July 2008

Discrimination by Singaporean?

Well, after working in Singapore for almost two months now and based on my experience..

YES...by only a small group of Singaporeans.....!!!

..only those young generation.

You see, sometimes it's just the way they look at you or talk to you. They think that I am stupid is it?

There are small group of people which is causing the problem!

Some can pretend that they don't know you even though you have been introduced or you have talked to them before! It's like when you start talking in Malaysian ascent, they look at you one kind!

Anyway, does it mean that there is something wrong the education system or it's just particular group of individuals who are acting that way?

haha...thanks for listening to me ramblings...!

Other than these people with attitude, I am blessed to have nice people around me as well!!!so, who cares about them!?

Oh ya... I have recoloured my hair yesterday!!!


What do you guys think?!Taken in my room!

my seat!

haha my roommate's aquarium! He is very nice to me one...

oh ya..and recently I have been addicted to shopping!!! Last week I spent $200! Gosh...But I love all the stuff I bought so much!


I will try to post some nice food tomorrow!


Daryl Teo said...

Don't worry just tuck in your chin & press on Sheryl. Good work and ethics will always shine through at the end of the day. Cheer up!

Cheng Woon Ng said...

hehe... Relax laaa...

Josh said...

Well, maybe they are just plain shy or confused? Haha. Don't worry that much. I been working in Singapore for almost a year now and it really shows that the younger generation of sporeans are shy'er' compare to their older counterpart.

3POINT8 said...

wha....lucky girl!
I want to go to spore! I want to meet bitchy s'poreans!

Simon Seow said...

Cheap for you lor. Earning Sing Dollar and shopping in Singapore. If, I shop there, I'll go bankrupt.

sheryl0202 said...

daryl: Yes I don't really care about them actually.

Cheng Woon: Thanks!

Josh: Er..shy ar..I don't think so gua.. :p

3point8: haha you called that lucky?

Simon: yeah if you are earning sing$ its okay to spend here actually!

weisheng. said...

my brother studies in sg and he got a bit of discrimination also lah cos people thought he was stupid. then he made the dean's list and became debate society president. i think thats the best kindda answer to discrimination ;)