14 August 2008

Shimbashi Soba, soba never tasted so good!

To be honest, I've always preferred Udon over Soba.

After having dine with this soba specialist store, Shimbashi Soba, I've changed my mind!!!

Afterall, I believe soba is not as fattening as udon, right right???


The man behind the soba

one picture says it all!

healthy stuff

this is what I had and I absolutely LOVE it! The noodles were so smooth and the soup tasted real good. SHIOK!Highly recommended!Sansai Soba (all the wild mushrooms!)$15.50

set dinner. That soba was real good too even without any substantial ingredients and surprisingly the sashimi was so fresh that it melts in your mouth!$24

In case you can't see clearly, it says that the wheat they use to make soba is from Tasmania, Australia.

All the soba here is freshly made when you order them.Although the price is a bit on the high side, I think it's worth it as they are really healthy food.

Location: Basement, Paragon, Orchard Road.

So, what are you waiting for?


Tiffany said...

dear, yeah shinbashi soba is real good, been there for a few times, next time if you happen to go there again, try one of their recommended soba - i forgot the name of it, but it's cold soba coupled with raw salmon, fish roe, their own-made yam paste and etc, it is real fantastic.

Daryl Teo said...

"Food glorious food!" That little song from the broadway Oliver! keeps playing over in my mind when i visit Sheryl's blog. I find myself drooling over your foodie pics, if i could eat your blog, u'd be finish! LOL!