07 December 2008

VPost makes me very ECSTATIC!!!

O M G....

My prayer has been answered!!! Remember I was complaining about how come website that sells pretty clothes which I like does not deliver to Asia or the shipping costs would have costs a BOMB???

The solution is here- VPOST !!! That is why I am pretty damned bloody excited now!OPPS!

With VPost, you can now shop globally at websites from USA, Europe, China, Korea and Japan!!! Just shop and get your items to be delivered to your individual assigned shipping address at those countries, and VPost will combine all the items and deliver to you at your door step!

Do you always wonder how come the branded items in the shop here costs so much higher than those selling on its original websites?! Thats' because we have been bearing the shipping and taxes for the merchants. Now we no longer need to do that!!!

Now I can shop at my favourite American brand website such as Abercrombie, Coach, eluxury etc and need not worry about the bomb I will receive due to the shipping costs!

Go register now! What are you waiting for?

With Vpost,
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photo courtesy of vpost

By sharing this valuable information with you guys, I also hope that I can grab two invites to Nuffnang's Vpost Christmas party!

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