05 February 2009

My B Day 2009 (PART 1)

Don’t panic, its not my big day lah, its just my birthday!!!

As I won't be in Malaysia on my birthday, I got my birthday present from my family before the actual birthday!


IT’s a pair of diamond earrings from Wah Chan!


Isn’t it GORGEOUS!!! It is classic and simple design but suitable for me to wear it daily!

IMG_0186 IMG_0173

camwhoring with my new diamond necklace for anniversary gift(courtesy of dearie- he still owes me my birthday gift :p ) and my new diamond earrings! I am such a fortunate girl, Love my dear family and dearie for their sayang so much!!!

To be honest, I really did not want to celebrate my birthday this year! I mean, I have been celebrating for many years already so I thought I should keep it low toned.Well, in
the end I still celebrated it!

I decided that I should since my roommate, Mr. Lau (in case you don’t know, he is the person I share a room with in the office) organised a birthday lunch specially for me, I shall not disappoint him right!

I was pretty excited on that day and very look forward to my birthday lunch. Who knows, last minute my roommate couldn’t make it due to a client’s lunch meeting. Although they are not many of us, we still went ahead to this place “Beng Hiang”, a Hokkien chinese restaurant. Poor roommate!


Beng Hiang is located at 118, Amoy Street. It is within walking distance from Raffles Place.

When we stepped inside the restaurant, it was FULL HOUSE man. Heard that its pretty famous.


Favourite girls from D & N : From L to R: Siew Ling, CC and Penny!


with “uncle” he is also my ex colleague, seems like we are fated to be colleague HAHA

okok , cut the crap, let me post up pictures of those sinfully delicious food!!! MUAHAHA..


First up, Sea Cucumber with duck. This is damn good!


see how much duck there is inside, the duck meat is really tender!


This is Wu Xiang. Basically there are two types of food here, yam roll and meat roll. The yam smells really fragrant and I also love the texture of the meat roll.


and …this YAM RING…is the best I’ve tasted so far! MY parents are huge fan of Yam Ring, I must bring them here the next time they come to Singapore!


Fish stomach soup! The ingredients are so much! Such a healthy dish…

We also ordered a plain vegetable. Wanted to order their oyster omelette but they don’t have that during CNY. I am big fan of Oyster Omelette! I must go back to try that! YUM!

Later in the afternoon, Mr. Lau also organised a cake cutting session for me! You guys must be praising what a good roommate is he right! Actually shame of me because during his birthday last year, I was overseas due to a job assignment and I didn’t celebrate it with him. Sorry mate! :p

My Tiramisu cheesecake from Beary! Mr. Lau got it for me because I love tiramisu!


Before I unwrap my cake!



Rest assured that I didn’t unwrap these two presents ! Introducing Mr. Chow on the right!

Turns out that Penny wants to be my present too! How fortunate am I!!! HEHEHE


After all the nonsense, we get down to the business.

IMG_0245 IMG_0249



Happy faces, I am so glad that I found such good friends in Singapore!


The man who made the birthday lunch and this small gathering possible!!! Thanks Mr. Lau, who loves his pets very much! (as shown below)


Last but not least, Happy

Birthday to MEeee!!!


sometimes I wish birthday don’t have to come so SOON!

Part 2 coming up!

Friday tomorrow…FINALLY….

Have a crazy weekend peeps!!!


Jill said...

Nice! You have good colleagues!!

I like oyster omelette too! yummy!

sirei said...

wow~ nice present, nice cake, nice food!