16 March 2009

Busy weekend in KL

Story is I was suppose to go back to KL on Thurs night itself! Then last minute I have a meeting to attend on Fri so I have to forgo my flight back on Thurs night and got a bus ticket back to KL.

As usual, the bus journey for me was so intolerable! Not because of the bus itself but the journey is simply too long! It took me almost 6 hours to get home!

But then it was my father’s birthday so I ought to go back and at least have dinner with him!

So I did!

Oh I love my new sunny from Gucci! I didn’t think I need a sunny at first but the bf wants to buy one and I thought why not as I haven’t bought one in almost 10 years time! Time to get one huh!

Did some survey in singapore previously and I absolutely love Gucci’s sunny! Saw some nice Salvatore Ferragamo too but heck it was about RM1300 maybe because of its bling bling?

Anyway this is my baby now! costs me almost RM600!


It’s not total dark kind of sunglass..but gradual dark…sales girl said it can be worn outdoor and also indoor!

DSC03602 DSC03603


Bought this coz I adore these gold studs! It’s rocker style attracts me!


Trying to act cool but why I pout?

Celebrated my Father’s Birthday at the Oriental Pavillion, Jaya 33.

From L to R: Crab Roe tofu (tasted a bit bland to me), chargrill pork ribs (no ribs at all, its just meat! I wonder why its called pork ribs) and the must order lamb racks! (still as tasty as ever)

Also ordered Peking Duck, the duck was just too big for the 5 of us..We ended up full after this first dish!

Didn’t bring my camera home so all photos were taken by my phone.

Oh went to Ministry of Food dessert also as my sis was having craving!


our tea time snacks, Tuna egg wasabi sandwich. I love this! Very unique with wasabi!


My sis's craving! I haven’t had this before in Singapore but I must say the sweet potatoes are crispy and good to go with the ice creams and the red beans!


Mom had this and she said it’s way too sweet for her!

Sunday brunch with sis at Marmalade. Always wanted to try this out but always gone to Delicious! Finally I think Delicious suck because 1. you always have to queqe 2. the staff there can’t understand what you said on first attempt 3. the portion of their food has shrunk tremendously 4. the menu is always the same!


Love the wallpaper, I must have cute wallpaper for my kids’ room in the future too!


My “Green Egg”, actually egg with Pesto sauce..em..think it’s too much pesto sauce for me but I am happy with the amount of avocado and mushrooms I have although I must admit that Delicious’ bread is nicer! Well, you can’t have the best of both worlds can you?


Sis’s “hearty Brekkie”, she got four chicken sausages as we don’t eat beef bacons. Simple food for the soul!

I think I will try out the rest of their brunch items again! The food came fast as I was rushing to meet up with my friends.

Went to Paddington Pancake House at the Curve. Ordered this dessert pancake. IT was huge! Couldn’t finish even half of it, probably because I was too full from brunch!


Friend had their Grilled lamb which costs RM35 and he commented it was horrible! I think the standard must has dropped because I used to love their food!

Anyway with all these activities packed in the weekend, I came down with fever and on MC today.

Work again tomorrow!

Hope it will be a good week ahead! Good luck everyone!


Jill said...

wow! you feasted everyday!!!
Oh, a lot of nice food in KL, and not so expensive, wish I could go back soon!

Gucci Glasses are not bad! haha!

Tiffany said...

you made me drools! when are we meeting?some time this week? how about thursday night?its my turn to go home this weekend, haha...

Anonymous said...

forgot to tell you... I like all the food in this blog... except your sister's "hearty breakfast".. haha!

because of the sausages!~


sheryl0202 said...

yeah so fattening right! Should go to gym as many times as possible this week!

Why don't you like my sis' hearty breakfast?