12 March 2009

American Idol Top 13- Predictions

Just finished watching American Idol!

This time round two contestants will be out instead of one, probably because they have Top 13 instead of Top 12?

I must say that most of the contestants performed really well, especially Adam Lambert!Again I feel like I was watching his concert and his vocal is plain crazy, impossible!

My predictions of who will be out of this:

1. Jasmine Murray

No originality at all although her voice was quite powerful

2. Anoop Desai

Too bad for this guy, his MJ song was so karaoke!

3. Megan Joy

Come out, she shouldn’t be in Top 13 in the first place! When she performed justnow, I think that she is such a joke! However, I think her son is quite adorable!

Well, we shall see whether I am right when the results are released tomorrow!

I am also sad that Jorge Nunez didn’t perform that well, he obviously picked a song that he didn’t even like it/familiar with. It all shows from his performance!

1 comment:

Dave said...

woo... don't be sad... your Jorge is out!!!