10 March 2009

Craving for this!

Had this long time ago….cheap and damn good pizza!!!


The ingredients were so fresh! and guess how much it is? only $8!

This pizza can be found here!


No fancy, romantic atmosphere but only good pizza!

I must try their pasta also next time!

Oh you can check out their website as stated in the picture above!


Tiramisu that only costs $2.50 I think….not fantastic but not bad also!


Try it out someday and let me know if you like it!

IT’s only wed tomorrow!

Can’t wait to go back to KL this weekend……….

Yesterday I was watching the videos of Umno Youth and Karpal Singh incident on youtube! I was indeed very shocked at the behaviours of some people…Sometimes I really wonder if I should give up my Malaysian citizenship and just become a Singaporean!

Haven’t watched it yet? All Malaysian should watch it. Go search for the videos on youtube now!


1 comment:

Jill said...

wasai! is this the Italian food you had for dinner the other day? I must go there since it looks so yummy and at a very very good price! I wanna try pasta and tiramisu... the Tiramisu is only $2.50, can't believe!! Happy!~

Sometimes I'm also thinking of giving up the Malaysian Citizenship, what is good for keeping it? But dunno lah, decide in the future... We still have time to think about it... Cheers!!