22 March 2009

I know my friend is a Shopaholic because …

I AM TOO! This is quite easy to answer!!!

Shopping is every girl’s passion!Well, maybe not for a small portion of girls….

We both love fashion and we would always talk about what’s IN and HOT in the fashion market whenever we get together! And without a doubt she is my shopping buddy in Singapore!


Ms SW and Me!!!

We love reading Vivi magazine!!!

There are all the latest fashion in there!


Recently we fall in love with floral prints dress!!! It’s so in right now as summer is approaching soon!


Not forgetting the two-toned dress!


The Gladiator shoe is also the most HIT item at the moment!

We also went to see the exhibition of Christian Lacroix at the National Museum of Singapore today! Another detailed post on this will be written next….



We love this gorgeous Greek-inspired dress!

She is the most suitable person to attend the premiere of the movie with me as we can’t wait to see the DESIGNER BAGS in there!

20081219174417 38754_in_l

Would our favourite MIU MIU be featured? WE HOPE SO!!!!

Most importantly, it will be Ms. SW's birthday on Thurs! This will be such a good present for her to catch this movie ahead of everyone else!

All girls beware…….we definitely have to…….

“Catch Confessions of a Shopaholic on 26 March!”


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