08 April 2010

Tokyo, Nice to Meet you! Part 3- Tsukiji Fish Market

This is the No.1 place to go in Tokyo!!!


There are so many eateries surrounding the market!


We were starving and our hunt for the best sushi in the market: Daiwa Sushi!


we walked for so long..about 30 mins and Daiwa Sushi is still nowhere to be found! We had to ask around..and luckily most of the Japanese people there knows about this shop and we followed through their directions.


signage on the floor, I thought its quite cool!


Almost there!!!


THERE YOU GO! We were so lucky as they were closing and there aren’t any queue! Amazing isn’t it?!


The shop is TINY! We ordered the set lunch, priced at 3500 Yen, equivalent to about SGD55! Expensive you might think, but now I really regret of just having one set!


TORO , can you see how shiny the sushi is!Creamy, buttery, melts in your mouth!


and presenting THE BEST UNI SUSHI I’VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE! Gosh, it was so FRESH….I can taste the ocean in my mouth, amazing and unique feeling!


Every piece is perfection, from the presentation, down to the smell and taste.

Writing this post made me feel like flying there just to eat this and come back again, yes, it was that great of an experience!

You HAVE TO drop by Tsukiji market to eat these sushi if you are in Tokyo, if not you will come back with regrets!


lengsin said...

突然很想去fish market吃fish and chips.. 哈哈

you eat sushi and sashimi quite often now since you came back from Japan ^^

The sashimi in your photos look fresh and nice!!!!

lengsin said...

*** sushi

the second last photo is sea urchin?