06 June 2010

Shanghai Expo Tour May 2010

Yes! I went to the Shanghai World Expo!

I was pretty excited to go there, after seeing pictures of those amazing Pavilions and how one can experience the cultures, history and future of each participating countries !!!

However, all excitement was dampened due to the huge turnout at the Expo! In the end I only manage to visit a few pavilions ie. China Pavilion, Australia Pavilion, Malaysia Pavilion and Jordan Pavilion.


China Pavilion from afar…


Malaysia Pavilion beside the Singapore Pavilion


Approaching the Pavilion…there was a long line outside Malaysia Pavilion. Suddenly felt a bit proud haha..

Of course we did not wait in the long line to see our own Pavilion, so we tried our luck by showing our ICs to those Malaysian working there. Fortunately they agreed to let us through the special lane!


This cardboard greeted us upon entrance to the Pavilion


Creation of a tropical forest plus the twin towers!

Other than that, there is nothing much else fantastic to see in the Malaysia Pavilion!


Batik on sale


There is a stage for batik painting but no one was there doing the demonstration when I was there.

It was a disappointing experience with the Malaysia Pavilion but good that we did not waste any time lining up to get in! Proudduck has a more detailed entry on the Malaysia Pavilion, go and read it if you want to see more!

Next, we visited the Australia Pavilion. It was an hour queue, not so bad! Other popular pavilions such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany etc will need about 4 hours wait generally!



The queue!


Friendly Australian greeted us at the entrance of the PAvilion


Decor in the hall


Fishes in the air


Mom and Dad posing!


Toy figure on the ceiling..Cute!


While waiting to go into the theatre for the presentation


The presentation is about the future of Australian’s lifestyle, interesting insights to their plans.


a huge screen pop out! lets enjoy the show!

Australia Pavilion is much more interesting than the Malaysia Pavilion! Our Government should learn from others!

Next up, we visited the China Pavilion! Our tour guide has made a group reservation for us, but that doesn’t mean no waiting time!

Brief info about the China Pavilion:

The China Pavilion, also known as the Oriental Crown, represents the spirit of the people of China and showcases a variety of sustainable building practices ranging from passive design to rainwater harvesting. The Oriental Crown is one of the 5 permanent green buildings on the Expo site, and it will be converted into a national history museum upon the conclusion of the Expo.


Amazing architecture


Hong Kong Pavilion next to the China Pavilion, also long lines waiting to get in!


it embodies Chinese history and culture


After queuing for 30 mins, I thought we are getting in!


it was only my wishful thinking! More waiting once you got up there! So many people were trying to cut queue, you have no idea how irritating it is!


Loads of cool stuff in the Pavilion! We were first invited to watch a short film about development of China over the years. No camera is allowed!



The Pavilion has been split to a few themed sections.


Nothing in the China Pavilion impressed me as much as this!

Check this out! Watch carefully!


Isn’t it COOL?! I find it so COOL! hahaa..


The visitors going through a journey of time

IMG_0582 IMG_0585

Energy efficient cars for the future


View from the above…India Pavilion can be seen from here


On our way down… the crowd is still there !



more pictures of China Pavilion


Sun was already down when we came out from the Pavilion.

Time to go home after a long day at Expo..

If you are interested to read further about the Expo, go to this link of Todayonline

To be continued…….


lengsin said...


有空要跟你借来玩玩看... 哈哈!

something is nothing said...

woo..that great..

M-Knight said...

beautiful place...

Jo Ann said...

whoah!!!!I'm so jealous!It's absolutely a great experience

sheryl0202 said...

lengsin: Only first picture nice ah..i though all hahaha

something is wrong: Thanks for your comments!

M-Knight: Thanks for dropping by!

Jo Ann: Go to the Expo girl, be prepared to queue though :)

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.