12 June 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Guys! I am still waiting for my internet to be installed at home! Good news, its coming this Saturday! After that I can update my blog frequently again!

I have so many pictures on Cambodia trip, my new home, food that I have eaten so far in Singapore etc to post up!!!


Also, I can't wait to see my parents and my baby sis tonight!

Hopefully no last minute work later! Pray for me :)

I am planning to go back on 28th June to catch the musical Beauty and the Beast, if work permits. Time for yam cha!

Work is getting more busy for me now but it is still manageable. Collegues are nice generally. Yesterday we went to Boat Quay for Happy Hours! It's nice to have a drink by the river. Most of my teammates are guys, btw! which some people would think that it is a good thing because it is not so hard to get help from guys!
Thats all for now, will update as soon as I get my internet connection at home!

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missing Santorini again!


3POINT8 said...

is that in Santorini?
Looks pretty jammed pack to me..

sheryl0202 said...

3point8: Yeah its Santorini, its a very special place!