04 December 2008

Tribute to Ms. Lo Hwei Yen

Ms. Lo Hwei Yen, a young and promising Singaporean lawyer killed in the recent Mumbai terrorism.

She is only 28 years old and she has just gotten married last year in Bali. This is someone whom I might have an opportunity of knowing and who knows, we might also become friends but unfortunately due to some crazy acts of those terrorists, she was sacrified and we will never have such opportunity anymore.

Her husband broke his silence yesterday and told the reporters that ' SHE WAS MY ENTIRE LIFE'. It is indeed very disheartening to hear Ms. Lo's husband describing her last moments when she was held hostage by the terrorists.

This is such a sad news. I strongly condemn those terrorist who killed the innocent people in Mumbai.

May Ms Lo rest in peace...

Life is so fragile, lets live life to the fullest!

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