15 April 2009

My 外婆is recovering!

Thanks everyone for your comments for my previous post. I was dead worry. Although I still go to work everyday, my mind is so occupied!

Good News! My Mah Mah is slowly recovering! She was transferred to another hospital and there were signs of recovery.

I am happy but at the same time I am still worry as some people would become very normal when they are about to leave this world!回光返照 you know?
AM i just being PARANOID?

PLEASE, please let there be real sign of recovery........stay strong Mah Mah!

I will be returning on Friday......see you soon Mah Mah!



Anonymous said...

u think drama meh... 时光返照...

she's recovering lah!!


maddy said...

Hey, THAT'S EXCELLENT NEWS!!! Im glad babe. :-)