25 April 2010

HCMC- Fanny Ice Cream - 100% natural ice cream!

I love this place in HCMC!

Fanny Ice Cream was set up in Vietnam in 1994, by Jean-Marc Bruno, a specialist graduated from Le Nôtre Paris school where is famous not only in France but throughout the world for training of experts for ice cream and cakes industry. Fanny ice cream is produced by traditional French methods, with 100 % natural ingredient sources chosen carefully.”


Entrance of Fanny, Fanny is located at 29-31 D Ton That Thiep, Dong Khoi Area


waitresses in their pink uniform, cute!


Ambience of the restaurant is great too


check out the ice cream fondue…looks yum!


Their menu is so colourful and alluring, I felt like ordering each and every single item in there!


Sushi Ice Cream!


What I ordered, “Chocolate Thunder” insider there is praline,vanilla and chocolate ice cream…The ice cream is very milk and smooth


Before I try it, a camwhore picture first, do I look ok without make up?


The other Ice cream we ordered, vanilla ice cream with avocado. Quite a special combination.

Go try it if you are in HCMC, I love this place, highly recommended!


jill said...

I love ice cream

I had avocado flavored ice cream from Giapo. Do u have Giapo in Singapore?

sheryl0202 said...

Jill, no Giapo in Singapore. Maybe you can bring that to Singapore? haha..