05 May 2010

HCMC – Banh Xeo

This is a MUST TRY in Vietnam!!! Banh Xeo are actually savoury pancakes made out of rice flour, water and turmeric powder or coconut milk (in the Southern regions), stuffed with slivers of fatty pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts and then pan fried.


Banh Xeo shop that we went to, located at 74 Suong Nguyet Anh Street, District 1. We wanted to go to the famous Banh Xeo 46A but its really too far. If you want to go there, here is the address:46A Dinh Cong Trang Street, District 3


This is where the workers will be cooking banh Xeo


Menu is so colourful


camwhore pic! it was hotttt……


nice interior of the restaurant


vegetables to wrap the pancakes


DENG DENG…….my pancake with prawn and pork inside


paper thin pancake…crispy enough to eat on its own

First time ever on this blog, I made a video to show you guys how to wrap the pancake!

Anyway, I wanna tell you guys that:-

1. don’t mind the pimple on my forehead and my double chin

2. I still haven’t learn how to insert texts throughout the video

so there you have it! My first video on this blog!

next up..HCMC to be continued, or I might post about HK or Tokyo too!

We shall see! Have a great week ahead peeps!


fufu said...

wow i wanna eat!!! hohohoho yeah the lettuce there is huge!!

tiffany said...

you look soooo cute in the video! LOL..

sheryl0202 said...

fufu: Go to vietnam la haha

Tiff: haha thanks gal!

tiffany said...

how come i never know you're left handed?????

sheryl0202 said...

Tiff: Cos I am not la..haha..